We are back with the latest episode of Barrister Babu, Bondita reaches to the club to find the reality and she reads a note that reads,” there are some clothes in the box and she will have to wear this”. But before sharing the latest update of the serial, let’s talk about the previous episode where we have seen too many things.

barrister babu 8th october 2021

Bondita got to know the reality of Tupur as Binoy reveal many things to Bondita and Bondita got to know that Tupur went to her room to put the ring of Chandrachur but how from where she got the ring of Chandrachur.

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On the other side, when Bondita wears a black saree and enters in the club, Chandrachur comes close to her and puts a deal for her as he asks to her that if she really wants to save Anirudh so, she will have to go to Dhaka with her. Bondita thinks for a while and gets ready to go with him. Later, when Bondita beat Chandrachur and take him in her car.

She sees that Trilochan and Thakuma are succeeding in their plan by saving Anirudh from the hang-up. Bondita goes to them and asks them that what are they trying to do? Thakuma holds Bondita and asks her to stop as they are sending him to Italy.

Bondita tries to make understand them but doesn’t hear and Bondita wakes Anirudh from sleep. She says to him that Kaka Babu and Thakuma are sending him to Italy and Anirudh gets worried. Later, Anirudh says that he believes in Bondita as she is her student and a friend.


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Bondita says that Yes, she can because she got proof and reveals that Chandrachur is still alive and she beat him and fasten him. He is in the jeep. When Bondita goes back to her car, she finds that Chandrachur is not in the car as he ran away from there.

Now, the upcoming episode will come with lots of twists where Bondita will visit the club and finds that Chandrachur is still alive and he is present there. Chandrachur comes to her and offered a deal by saying that he will help to save Chandrachur but she will have to go to Dhaka with him.

Chandrachur says that she can’t do anything because all her men are here. She gets agreed to his offer to save Anirudh. Now, the upcoming episode will come with more twists and turns where Anirudh will be saved by Bondita but how as Chandrachur has left the car and Bondita will have to find him again.


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