In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, we will see Bondita in a new avatar as Dugga Maa who will save her husband and sister Tapur from Chandrachur who was trying to rape Tapur. Because of this, Tapur was still silent but now, she will give testimony in court and reveal everything.

barrister babu 2nd october 2021

Now, the episode starts when Bondita says to Tapur that she will have to testimony tomorrow and her identity will come outside in front of anyone. Tapur also says that she will not break her promise and save Anirudh. Later, Bondita studies in her room and she finds that Tupur is going outside the house with some food.

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Bondita follows her and later, she reaches to a burial site in a temple. Tapur talks to Chandrachur and says that she brought food for him with his favorite clothes. Bondita gets curious to know that to whom she is talking and suddenly, she sees that Tupur is talking to scarecrow. Bondita gets worried after seeing her condition and Tupur gets unconscious and falls down.

Suddenly, Bondita comes to her and holds her. She says that Chandrachur was a devil who cheated on his wife and molested Tapur. She will definitely prove his criminal thinking but it will hurt Tupur. Because of this, she will set an example for those dirty people who plan to do such a thing.

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On the other side, Trilochan reads Bondita’s bravery news in the court and gets happy bit he also tensed after seeing her comparison with the best Subodh Barrister. He has faith in her and knows that she will bring her husband back. Somnath says that because of her, the Anirudh case came into the highlights. Sampoorna and Trilochan blesses her.

Few people in the court discuss the bravery of Bondita and Subodh says that the scene was created but not listed in history. Later, a staff told everyone that no one is allowed in the court today during the hearing. Only judge, lawyer, and accused will be available in the court. Trilochan says that how can it be possible and Bondita says she had no choice to save Anirudh.

we saw Bondita calls Tapur who come with several girls and everyone wears a yellow saree and hide their face. Bondita asks the judge for the testimony of the girl and suddenly, Subodh Chatterjee calls this drama and Bondita asks permission for this because the girl who is going to reveal statement, respect, and her value will be downed and she doesn’t want to reveal herself. The judge declared that she can give her statement as she wants to. Subodh says that why there are seven women in the court and not only the one who will confess the truth.

Subodh says that it won’t be accepted in the court as it’s confusing everyone. Bondita says to her to don’t accept this and the judge only can take this decision. The Episode Endss.


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