Barrister Babu is one of the most popular and high TRP serial on ColorsTV and currently, the serial is capturing huge attention from its viewers because of the recent story of the serial. As we have seen that Anirudh has been arrested on the shot dead case of Chandrachur and Anirudh accepted his crime that he killed.

Barrister Babu 25th September 2021

Chandrachur and even, everyone announced in front of the police that he shot Chandrachur when they both fighting at the bridge. We have seen in the last episodes that Bondita has become a barrister of Anirudh and fighting her case against Subodh Chatterjee, who is known as the best barrister of the city.

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Bondita and Subodh challenged each other and they will win this case as Subodh never failed in any case in his entire life but Bondita said to him that now, he will lose this case and she will save her Pati Babu. Subodh tried to made trapped for Bondita but Bondita broke every rule and came into the courtroom and appeal to open the case again.

The judge decided to open the case again and Bondita and everyone gets happy. On the other side, Bondita was trying to collect proof to save Anirudh.

Along with this, we also saw that Tupur said to her that her husband has died and now, who killed him will also die and soon, Anirudh will be hanged up. Suddenly, Binoy throws something at her and said that she is lier and bad. Tupur went from there. At the end, Tapur came there and sit on a chair.

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Bondita asked her about the night but she said that she doesn’t know anything and started crying. Bondita said to her that she doesn’t need to cry and suddenly, Thakuma came to her and says that she saw many things in this house and therefore, she is upset.

Now, the latest promo video of the episode has been released that shows something strange because Thakuma is hiding something from everyone. The promo also shows that when Bondita visits Tapur’s room, she gets shocked after seeing that Tapur is trying to hang up herself. She stopped her and said that why were you trying to do this but Tapur denies and says that she was not doing this and Bondita asks her that what she is trying to hide just tell her and when she decided to inform her, Thakuma comes outside her room and sign to Tapur can’t say anything.

Suddenly, Bondita also sees the Thakuma sign in the mirror and finds that something suspicious is here. Well, the upcoming episode will reveal many more twists and Bondita is putting her all efforts to save Anirudh from this.


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