Some daily soups never miss any chance to entertain viewers by showing some great episodes. Yes, we are talking about Barrister Babu because it is the only show that increases the madness among the audience to watch the full episode. Now, the upcoming episode will be a very great option for all the watchers to get a heavy dose of entertainment.

Barrister Babu 25th October 2021

The previous episode of the show also amuses the fans a lot by giving some great turns and twists in the simple going story. Some glimpse of the show always engages a number of viewers to increase the TRP.

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The upcoming episode begins with Batuk asking what is she says and then Bondita says that he didn’t know how to play the mouth organ. She further asks, did he learns this overnight, and then he asks if she is doubting him. Bondita replies that yes as it is a work of a wife and Barrister to know the complete truth.

Then, Batuk says in a funny way that Okay My Lord, he will tell her everything. After that, he says that when he was locked in the jail, a fellow prisoner taught him and he says Bondita wasn’t there and this mouth organ was the only one who was there with him.

After hearing this, Bondita says he is not alone now. Then, elders say that the pregnant ladies should see the pictures of the person whom she wants the baby to become after birth. Then, he asks to see Anirudh’s pictures every day, and then she asks why will she see Anirudh’s pictures when he is in front of her.

But, Batuk says she should see these pictures as a baby should be like this. She asks him to sit and asks to calm down but he says Tapur coming. After that, he asks if she is not happy with Tapur and Somanth’s marriage.

Bondita says it’s not like that but Batuk again asks if she is not happy with this marriage. Bondita says yes, she is not happy and then Batuk asks why did she doesn’t want this marriage to happen. Tapur hears this and then Bondita says Somanth.

Now, what will happen next will be actually very anticipated to watch. All the characters are playing the roles very well and entertaining everyone by giving their best in the show. So, Barrister Babu will be airing on Colors TV at 8:30 PM IST.


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