In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, many things have already been seen in the upcoming episode because Bondita wants to forget everything and doesn’t want to see Anirudh’s face and he has reached to meet her in her village where Chandrachur found his gun and goes to the fair to kill him.

Barrister Babu 23rd August 2021 Update

He sees Anirudh on the swing with Bondita where Anirudh tries to make understand Bondita. Bondita asks her to stop this swing and Anirudh says that it will not stop until he says his words. Bondita said that she will jump from this swing. Anirudh wants her back and wants to finish this enmity. Chandrachur came into the fair and saw them on the swing.

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On the other side, Chandrachur fires on them but he misses because Tupur throws stone on him and Bondita hugs him and the guards come to swing and cover Anirudh. Guards says that it is an attack from Krishna Nagar’s people. Anirudh says that no one will fire against fire. Bondita comes from swing and goes from there. Chandrachur gets angry and he hits something. Tupur comes to him but Chandrachur asks her to leave from here.

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Bondita gets a case from an unknown person and another lawyer says that because of Anirudh, she got the case. Another lawyer has bad intention over Bondita and suddenly, Anirudh comes there and slap him in front of everyone. Anirudh teaches him a lesson of life. The lawyer throw shoes on Anirudh by hiding but Bondita catches his shoes and again, she scolds him. Everyone asks them to reveal their love for each other but they don’t say a single word.

Later, Bondita goes from there. Bondita prays in front of Dugga Maa and her Somati comes to her. They talks to each other and Bondita says that she will never lie to her and can’t break her mother’s swear. Somati says that she will send her to London for her entire life. Bondita decides that she will go back to London.

Later, Bondita goes to the shop to buy a suitcase and she meets Anirudh in the shop. Anirudh talks about Bondita’s childhood and tells her everything. Bondita forces to go outside from the almirah and Chandrachur thinks that there is something else. Chandrachur comes to her but she lies to him.

Anirudh comes outside from almirah and sees the ticket of London. Bondita comes to take her tickets back and says that she will go back to London and never come back. She says her last goodbye to Anirudh and goes from there.

Anirudh comes back to his home and Trilochan says that he is going to play the band in this happiness. Trilochan says that no one can stop her from going to London. Thakuma asks her to play a rule of Radha in Janamastmi.

Sampoorna apologizes to her and says that will she obey her and asks her to not go back to London. Now, let’s that what will happen in the next episode. Will Bondita go back to London? Will Anirudh stop her? Tell us in the comment section.


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