We are back with the one more written update of Barrister Babu where the drama and thriller never go down because of the many characters of the serial. Currently, Anirudh Bondita Vivah Saptah is going on where Anirudh is going to accept Bondita and is ready to marry her.

Barrister Babu, Full Episode 15th September 2021

In the last episode, we saw that everyone asked Chandrachur about his injury, and he made excuses. Somnath said that he was injured during the preparation of the wedding. Anirudh stoped marriage and said that he did not complete a promise that took before marriage. Later, Trilochan knot their ghatbandhan. 

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Anirudh asked her for some promises and said that she can’t leave her barrister in front of her family, love, and duty. Everyone gets happy after listening to Anidita’s promises. In the previous episode, we saw that Chandrachut went to Bondita to kidnap her from shooting and tried force with her. Suddenly, Bondita got a knife and she injured him on his leg.

Anirudh asked her about his face but Bondita says that she did not see her face but injured her. The director comes to them and says that they don’t even know him maybe, he came here to steal Bondita’s jewelry.

Anirudh says that you did good work and because of his injury, he will have to go to any hospital and get treatment. Anirudh says he will inform in every hospital near by his village. Anirudh says that he will catch him.

On the other side, Chandrachur runs from there and hides in a room. His servant comes to him and says that if a poison will spread so, he couldn’t walk ever. Chandrachur says that he will have to kidnap Bondita and will take her to Dhaka.

But, he couldn’t walk properly and reach his home. He made a plan against Somnath without even knowing that he was injured outside while kidnapping Bondita. Later, Somnath reveals that he was injured during the preparation.

After their marriage gets successful, everyone hears lighting and the sound of rain, they find something suspicious and Thakuma says that due to your love, their love spread all over the sky. Anirudh and Bondita say that it is a rain of love and new relations.

Anirudh fills Bondita’s hairline with Sindoor and everyone smiles. The priest announces that the marriage has been completed and from today, you are a husband-wife. Now, Anirudh and Bondita got married and it will be interesting to watch that Chandrachur will do something wrong against Anirudh? Because he wants Bondita as his wife and can do anything with Anirudh.


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