In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, many things will be revealed in the latest episode because Anirudh will reveal that he loves her and will send her back to Tulsipur. It will be interesting to watch the episode because Anirudh has known about the third ritual to become Sanyasini and have to send her back to Tulsipur.

Barrister Babu 14th August 2021

Now what kind of way will Anirudh accept and bring her back to her village. While Trilochan and Chandrachur have decided that Chandrachur will marry Bondita and bring her back to Tulsipur. Now, the next episode will show you something unexpected. So now, let’s move to the latest episode of the Barrister Babu.

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The latest episode will start from where Anirudh reveals that Bondita will go back to Tulsipur and Somnath stops them but Anirudh says that he has said. On the other side, Anirudh thinks that he will have to send her back but she will not agree with this. Anirudh comes to her home and Bondita calls his name and tells him that because of his perfume smell, she can find him. Anirudh thinks that everyone wants to snatch her voice but he can’t let do with her.

On the other side, Chandrachur meets Trilochan and Trilochan says that he can hold the right to pray in Temple but in return, they want Bondita back. Anirudh says to Bihari that he will have to make a plan and with the help of the trap, he will bring back Bondita to her village without telling Trilochan and anyone else.

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Trilochan says to him that he agrees with this but when he will send back Bondita to her village, she will have to marry anyone so because she can’t come back to Anirudh or Krishna Nagar. Chandrachur thinks that he already made his plan good and now, he will marry Bondita.

Suddenly, Somnath comes and there and thinks that Bondita will have to bear her mistakes. Chandrachur comes to Thakuma and says that Trilochan has agreed with this that they will release Bondita if she will marry him. Everyone gets shocked. He says that if we will not do this so, they will make her voiceless.

Later, Anirudh mixed a drug in her food and asks Bihari to give her. She eats and gets unconscious. They put her in the car and when Anirudh moves towards Tulsipur, he removes a cover and sees something else. Now, it will interesting to watch that why did he get shocked? Where did Bondita go? The next episode will bring many things.


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