We are back with the latest written update of the popular ColorsTV serial, Barrister Babu, in which we have seen lots of amazing moments and twists. Along with the twists and turns, watchers get to see something interesting concept of the serial.

Barrister Babu 10th November 2021

As we know that every one like to watch this amazing serial because of Bondita and Anirudh’s story but for the last few days, there has been a change in the story because everyone thinks except Bondita that Anirudh has died but that’s not a reality. After listening from Trilochan on a call that Anirudh has been gone from this world and no one knows about this, Bondita is suffering from a shock.

In the previous episode of the show, we have seen that Bondita got to know that the stranger in the house is none other than Battuk who is playing the role of Anirudh and living in this house. We saw in the previous episodes that when Bondita reached inside Battuk’s room, she finds his passport and Anirudh’s picture with him.

Bondita realizes that he is none other than Battuk who is living in this house but why is doing this? Now, the upcoming episodes will reveal many things about Battuk and Bondita because Bondita knew most of the things about Battuk.

The upcoming episode will reveal that how Bondita will go to Battuk and reveal that she knows that he is not Anirudh, he is Battuk. Bondita reveals that she can’t even think that he can do this with her.

Battuk says that Big D has gone from this world but Bondita realizes that he is alive but she doesn’t know where is he? Bondita says to him that he can’t be an Anirudh because he always fights for the equality of women in this world. He can’t do such kind of things and he is different from him as well.

Battuk says that he doesn’t want to become like him and doesn’t dare to speak aloud in front of him. Bondita says that maybe, he doesn’t know about her very well. Battuk reveals that he doesn’t care about this as he just wants his Big D’s child. Bondita gets shocked. Battuk says once the child comes into this world, she can go anywhere and can die as well because he doesn’t care about this.

Later, Bondita sleeps in her room because Battuk doesn’t let her go anywhere but Bondita wants to make a search of Anirudh. She knows that her Pati Babu is still alive. She creates a plan and burns smoke inside her room.

She covers her mouth so, she can’t be unconscious. Battuk comes inside her room to bring her outside but suddenly, he gets unconscious and lay down on the floor. By taking a chance, Bondita goes outside her room and plan to search Anirudh. The Episode Ends.


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