We are back with the latest episode of Barrister Babu, September 7, where many things are about to show in the latest episode. As we have seen in the previous episode that Anirudh had gone back to his village to save Sushwati from child marriage and On the other side, Chandrachur provoked Bondita by saying that it was just a trap of Roychowdhury and they just wanted to take revenge.

barrister babu 7th september 2021

Later, Bondita went back to her village with Chandrachur and Anirudh got succeed to save her sister, Sashwati from child marriage. Now, we will get to see in the latest episode that Trilochan asks Anirudh to choose one thing from Tulsipur women or Bondita. Trilochan recalls his principles and decided that he will not go back to Bondita as his kaka wants this.

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He will not support her and gets emotional during the moment. On the other side, Bondita goes to the Thakuma’s house and she says that thank god that Chandrachur found her. While Sumati gets angry over her and says that she doesn’t want to see her face because she broke her promise and did not listen to her mother.

Sumati adds that she is not worthy of an apology. Chandrachur says that It was all planned by Anirudh but Sumati stops her and says that Bondita broke her promise, not Anirudh. Bondita gets shocked after knowing that Tupur played a trick over Sumati.

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Chandrachur says that without any support of Sumati, Bondita can’t even live. Sumati says that so, she should die. Suddenly, Bondita says that she will live with Anirudh and also, die with him. Sumati turns her and slaps. She says that he left her and she is broken from inside.

On the other side, Sampoorna apologizes to Anirudh because she told her whereabouts to Trilochan. She says that he is a real man who has sacrificed everything for his principles and society even, he sacrificed his love.

Sumati asks Bondita that did Anirdudh touch her? and Bondita says that yes, he touched me from inside and recalls her special moments with him. At night, they remembered each other and cry. Anidita thinks that they both love each other. Thakuma says that we will not allow her to go out.

While Chandrachur provokes Bondita to case file against Anirudh as he cheated her. Chandrachur says that she can become an example of such women who have tolerated this before. Bondita wrote a letter and Chandrachur thinks that he got to succeed.

On the other side, Trilochan asks Somnath to spread that Anirudh has taken advantage of Bondita and then, villagers will point out questions at her family. Bondita wrote a letter for Anirudh that she loves her and also this letter. Chandrachur says that has she gone mad?

Later, Bondita says that she can’t forget Anirudh and on the other side, Anirudh says the same to Trilochan and stops Somnath from doing this. He says that he can’t see her image down among villagers. Bondita brings sindoor from Dugga Maa temple and pours on herself. While Sampoorna applies red color on Anirudh after puja. He says that I wish Bondita will understand my problem that is why he left her in mandap alone. The Episode Ends.


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