There are lots of serial and shows running on the television for a very long time but the high of some serial are unbreakable. Maybe, you are thinking right, we are talking about Barrister Babu which is the most amazing and awaited serial of the recent days.

Barrister Babu August 30th 2021

In this article, we are going to share some of the best moments and daily soap of the upcoming episode because many watchers love to read the spoiler before telecasting the latest episode. Well, if you watch the daily episode so, it will not be hard to understand that what is going on in the show. We have seen that Anidita has run away from their village and is soon, about to marry but when they reached the temple, Bondita found that Trilochan is already here and they can’t marry.

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Now, the latest episode will bring lots of things where Bondita and Anirudh are hiding from Trilochan and Thakuma. Now, the latest episode of the show starts when they both hide from Chadrachur and they get a broken hut to hide and stay for a night. They try to appreciate and Anirudh says that because of him, she is facing difficulties.

He tells that he always wants that he will give her the best life and Bondita replies that he is her world and comfort for life. She says that he always protects her from this world and Bondita praise him by saying that because of him, she knows what she is.

Later, they both talks about their best friend and they feel jealous about hearing each other’s friends. While Anirudh take care of her and he doesn’t want her to sleep on the floor. He makes a comfortability for her. On the other side, Chandrachur and Trilochan are still searching for them but they don’t get a single clue of their destination.

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Later, Trilochan says to Sampoorna that he is going to punish Bondita for this mistake and he just wants Anirudh back safely in this house and can’t let them unite in their lives. But, the love has another plan because Anirudh and Bondita get help from some unknown workers for working in a marriage function and they forget the tensions. They both discuss that they should go to the wedding and help others to get shelter until they get married.

Anirudh knows that once they get married and he will bring Bondita to her home knowing that Trilochan will never harm his daughter-in-law. While Thakuma and Trilochan will respect their marriage.

But the situation suddenly changes when Chandrachur comes there to find them but he doesn’t see them. Chandrachur thinks that Trilochan will go behind Bondita to search for her and he will have to save her from Tulsipur people so, he should chase Trilochan.

Now, the new life of Bondita and Anirudh is about to start and they both are going to leave their enmity. They will start a new journey in Chandan Nagar. Later, Bondita terrified after hearing about Thakuma but it turns out to be someone else in the wedding function. Now, another twist of the show will come out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.


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