We have brought another written update of the trending show, which name is Barrister Babu. it is being one of the most-watched serials on Indian television because tons of people are liking the show. If you are also one of them who want to the detail of the latest episode then you are reading the right article, we will let you know the ongoing situation of the show, so let’ move forward to discover. The episode starts with Ramaiah, who says can we watch the movie?. As soon as Bondita says, Anirudh thinks we can learn something after watching Ramayana.  He says, ok it’s fine you can watch this film, then Anurdh brings all the girls home.

barrister babu

In the next scene,  we see Saudaamini asking that Trilocan got agreed to keep all the girls in the house. The boy says Bondita is happy and he gets angry,  Greenwood stops her and says now you can not get angry because you are my wife. We can divide them now and rule over them.  They are finding for the week point in the Bondita team and try to break them.

Later we see Bondira is working on the projection screen, she shows everyone the arts of film through the project, they all are amazed and enjoyed it because they have never seen it before. Then Badal says it is pretty impossible to see pictures on the screen. Bondita says before I also did not use to believe but after seeing I did.

Suraiya says, Anirudh does not find any difference between Bondita and anyone here, on the other side Elaichi is being scolded by the Badal because of being jealous of Bindita and, he says Elaichi is the one, then Bindita goes to see the girls but she does not see them.  He says the film is not going well in the part and now Elaichi is pretty angry, she goes away and Soudamini comes to her to meet and says to her that you are right Elaichi says you are our enemy Betty Greenwood.

The boy says Soudamini ans I am the childhood friend and neighbor of Anirudh, he added that Anirudh and Bindita made a mistake with me, he did wrong to me, as per his statement he says, both of them used me, Anirudh is pretending to educate Bondita but he is not. Then Bondita comes to Anirudh and says, why you did not like the film from the side of girls, he says it is, not science, Trilochan has not given the same rights to girls, he is a bias. Now it will be interesting to see what happens ahead, will Bondia win the race with her team. Do not forget to watch only on colors at 08:30 PM.


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