In today’s episode, you will watch Bondita asking Bihari that why Trilochan is upset after seeing the puppy. Bihari says that he does not like dogs. He says that he will go and help Batuk to take bath. There Anirudh insists Mini for going to the doctor. Mini thinks that if Anirudh takes her to the doctor then her fake drama must be exposed. Somehow Anirudh manages to convince Mini to come with him to the clinic. Binoy and Bhaumik think that if he gets to know about the fake drama of Mini then their plan must flop.

barister babu

On the other side, Trilochan makes Bondita keep the chilies safe. Bondita finds it’s tiring. Trilochan orders her to finish her work before her teacher arrives, Bondita gets tired and at the same time, a small puppy enters the house. Bondita starts talking with that puppy, and she says to him that she can’t take her inside her house because Trilochan doesn’t like dogs. Meanwhile, Anirudh asks Mini to go to the doctor as he was calling her in the cabin. Mini worries that she will get exposed and hatches another plan to save herself. She talks with her self so that she can confuse the doctor. Docter calls Mini to come inside the cabin. Mini pretends as Anirudh’s wife.

Yonder, Bondita feels bad for that puppy seeing his wound, she says that she can’t take him inside and prayers to Durga Mata (Goddess) to help her. Then she decides to take care of that puppy. She shares a bond with him and gave him a name ‘bow’ due to which Bondita becomes happy and then she feeds that puppy who is Bow from now. Besides, Anirudh meets the doctor and tells him that Mini seems happy but she is depressed from inside hence whatever she is showing that is making her behavior odd. Anirudh listens to the doctor and the doctor tells him to keep Mini happy, Mini goes happy and thinks that her plan is working. Anirudh tells the doctor that she is his friend, the doctor was about to tell that mini had introduced herself as his wife but unfortunately, Mini comes and drags Anirudh out, on that point doctor gets confused and thinks that why Mini is doing this and why she lied to him.

Anirudh recalls Doctor’s words and feels bad for Mini, but she gets happy by seeing Anirudh cares about her. on the other side Bondita along with Bow waits for Anirudh, meanwhile, her teacher comes and she stands afraid and the episode ends. We have provided you the latest episode that will air today, to know more about the show before the TV stay tuned with us…


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