The show starts with Bondita because Bondita says I will be going to study and Trilochan says I will talk to Anirudh, you just eat and go from there but Bondita says I cannot scold Anirudh. Two boys look at Bondita and they stop her in the way. Bondita says I am getting late and the boys say to her for putting boll on the head and walk. The boll should not fall down while walking. She puts a ball on her head and starts walking, she is worried about it. All the girls get late in the class. Anirudh scold them a lot, Bondita also comes late. He says that even class monitor comes late then how can I scold all of you, Bondita says sorry.

Barrister Babu 4th December Latest Episode Written Update: Will Bondita Find Solution?

In the next scene, Anirudh says that I know what I am doing. Bondita finds a solution and says that if we fix this wheel then we do not need to work hard. They use the wheel and fill it with water. Then Saurabh says, So you were teaching them a lesson, not punishing them. Anirudh says yes. Bondita says that using this wheel will not reduce the weight in our hands.

Anirudh Says I will teach the lesson of discipline. He tells them to run, to run naive Bholi goes to change her clothes and Saudamini comes home and puts kerosene on the clothes, he says where ever they go they make it bright in the house, Anirudh finds all the villagers on the way, he knows no one will give shelter to the girls, in the next scene we see that Bholi is trapped in the fire and Bondita goes to help her, she is crying inside.

Anirudh gets water to put the fire off and he saves Bholi, she is dizzy now, as per the information, he was asked to know who did this, then Bholi says Saudamini did this at the moments Anirudh is shocked after listening to this, again he asks to her means Bholi, did mine did this to you, and he shouts at her. Along with the episode ends.


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