We are back with the latest written episode of Barrister Babu. Every episode of the serial has come with lots of twists and turns. Now, the serial is entertaining millions of watchers. Since Anirudh has gone from the serial and Battuk has taken his place, Bondita is going confused that he is not Anirudh because his behavior is getting change day-by-day and fans also want that Anirudh comes back to the show once again. Well, we have seen that Anirudh is currently living in a hut with an old age man who is taking care of him since drowned in the river.

Barrister Babu 3rd November 2021

Now, we are going to share the latest written episode of the serial in which we will share that how Bondita will reveal that he is none other than Battuk. Still, she is searching for the prove but Bondita is unaware of the identity of Battuk.

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So, we will get to see in the latest episode that Trilochan thinks that Bondita is right but Battuk changes the mind of Trilochan that how can he allow his words? Battuk says that because of her, our elder brother has gone from this world and he has gone by saving him. Battuk says that she just thinks about herself.

Trilochan says that no she is not like this. Bondita takes care of everyone. Battu says if you think like this so, Anirudh is not in this world, and Bondita thinks that I am Anirudh so, why she is not following my words? She just wants to see herself. He tries to provoke Trilochan and because of this, Trilochan decides that she will not go anywhere.

The next morning, Bondita gets ready to go outside but suddenly, Bihari Babu draws a line and she asks what is that? Suddenly Trilochan comes there and says that this is Laxman Rekha. Bondita says that she is going to know about Battuk. Trilochan says there is no need to do this.

Trilochan says that if you respect us, you will not go anywhere. Bondita goes inside and Battuk gets happy. Battuk says that he has cut her wings. While Malika is seeing him laughing. On the other side, Battuk is ignoring Bondita and she tries to even talk with him by using a coconut piece and thread but Battuk doesn’t know that how to use that he ignores this. Later, Bondita hide under the table but Battuk didn’t react to this. She worries that how could he change like this? The Episode Ends.


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