Barrister Babu is the favorite show on Colours Television. Nowadays the show is running in a very trendy and all the viewers are watching and enjoying it with great enthusiasm. Not only this also the show has been receiving high TRPs for the last few days. That’s the reason behind we will also talk about this show today and telling that, what is going on in the show these days. As we have mentioned to you in many articles that, the story of this show revolves around a character named Bondita who married Barrister Anirudh  Rao Chaudhary and we will also see, how Anirudh fights society for his education of being a barrister.

Barrister Babu 21st October Written Episode Latest Updates: Anirudh gets back Bondita

Now, we will talk about its latest update and also tell that, what is going in the show. So, let’s move forward. The upcoming episode starts with Anirudh because Anirudh makes Bondita a class monitor and Surya says that she is still small but Anirudh explains to them that it would be okay to do so. Besides, Saudamini is also taking her team class and she orders one student from her class to go and collect all the information about Anirudh’s class.

Similarly, The same Bondita gives Anirudh the right answer to every question and seeing this, Surya gets angry and Anirudh tells Bondita about her silly mistakes and convinces her to not make such mistakes in the test So that she can clear the test easily.

In the next scene, Saudamini gets the news that Anirudh takes his children’s class outside. On the other side, Anirudh thinks that if his team works like this then it will win. The same Bholi runs towards the room seeing Bondita and for this reason, Anirudh learns that her housemates are being tortured with Bholi. Surya says that she should not be in the team but Abhinav insists on having her in the team.

Saudamini starts a music band to disturb the team of Anirudh so that the child cannot read but Anirudh encourages them, saying that they should focus their attention only on studies. After that Saudamini comes to Anirudh and says that she will not let the children reading your team. Along with this, the episode ends.


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