Barrister Babu, August 03, 2021, is coming with the turning episode where Vaijayanti trying to hide. Vaijayanti comes and Bondita says sorry to her and Vaijayanti replies to him that I told you that Anirudh loves you and Bondita says that she was angry and couldn’t see love in his eyes. Anirudh and Bondita standing on the stairs of Temple and Anirudh talking about Bondita and revealing his feelings for her.

Barrister Babu, 3rd August 2021 Episode

Anirudh says that he knows, we are a corner of the ocean and can’t meet but I can’t give someone his space and she was in my and will stay forever. He says that I know that you think that is why I did not share with you before. Maybe, I should have told you this and it’s the first time that I said my words from the heart.

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I did not even say a single word in my life about my feelings. Bondita says that You said today but I already saw your love in your eyes. I also want to say you that how much I love you but I can’t find the words. Anirudh says that please Vaijayanti forgives because I did too many mistakes and I did wrong with you. Because of me, I hurt you a lot and gave you sadness only.

Bondita says that you did not hurt me even you fulfil my dreams. It gave me lots of happiness and in the return, you can take my life so, it is not much more. Bondita thinks that now, you have told me everything about your feelings and I am going to tell you that the one you were looking for is Vaijayanti, she is Bondita. She prays to reveal the truth in front of Anirudh. But, the moment will change because Chandrachur will come there playing dhol and Bondita hide.

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It is still confusing that will she reveal her feelings for Anirudh? Watchers are excited to watch the upcoming that will reveal many more things. Along with this, it is interesting to watch that Bondita’s marry will be successful, and many more incidents are still unclear and will be seen in the upcoming episode. Stay tuned for more details, we will share every update of the upcoming episode and what will happen with Anirudh and Bondita’s life. All the information regarding them will be published here.


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