Here is a written update of the Colors TV channel serial, Barrister Babu, July 30, 2021. The upcoming episode will start when Trilochan asks Bondita about the answer of Anirudh but Bandita doesn’t say anything. Triochan thinks that Anirudh said Yes to her and gets happy and says that he will go to meet her parents but because of the competition he is a little busy but Vaijayanthi should take her parents for the marriage in Tulsiput and at his home, Trilochan will talk about the marriage.

barrister babu 30th july 2021 written update

Later, the announcement is held about the marriage and Bondita gets sad. Spy of Chandrachur notices her and go back to tell about this to Chandrachur and he goes himself to take his eyes on her.

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On the other side, Trilochan hugs Anirudh says that he is happy that with any disappointment, he obeys his order and the spy of Chandrachur tells him that Trilochan is going to announce the marriage of Vaijayanthi and Anirudh after the competition. Vaijayanthi parents will get to meet in Temple with Trilochan and after this, Chandrachur gets happy after hearing this and gift him his chain.

Chandrachur thinks that how did she win the heart of Anirudh? Later, he thinks that by kidnapping Vaijayanthi, he will make happy Thakuma and he starts following her but because of the crowd, he missed. Spy also says that he did not find Bondita because everyone wears red colors on their faces.

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On the other side, Bondita thinks that how Anirudh agreed to marry Vaijayanthi. Bondita thinks that Vaijayanthi is his friend so, how can he get to agree to marry his friend. Bondita talks herself and gets angry after thinking that Anirudh only belongs to Bondita, not Vaijayanthi. Bondita takes a decision to run away from her wedding and will not follow any rituals. She says that now Durga Maa will find a way for her.

While, Bondita says that she will not go to court today as she is not feeling good and got a headache. Thakuma asks Sumati to give her a massage. Chandrachur says that Anirudh is going to marry a Tamil girl and after the competition, the announcement will be made. Well, they are going to lose the competition but this announcement will make them happy. Sumati sees gulal on Bondita’s head and asks about it but Bondita makes some excuse and goes from there. Chandrachur thinks that people in the crowd had gulal on their heads and if Bondita is also connected.

Later, Anirudh goes to Vaijayanthi’s house to meet her but he couldn’t, and on the other side, Bondita says that she will scold him for breaking his trust and says that Anirudh and Bondita are made for each other. While Bondita says that she will reveal her real identity in front of Anirudh. The episode ends.


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