In this blog, we are going to tell you about the Hindi drama serial “Barrister Babu”. Today the episode starts with the Bonita in which ask from the Anirudh that did he trust anybody who is against him? Anurush remembers the Saudamini. He feels guilty, he denies. I give the promise to not let injustice happen with you, I have to give them equal rights and I have to take both responsibilities and give the time o both of them. I can’t spoil a girl’s life to do the right thing with any other person, then the Bonita slept.

Barister Babu 2nd September 2020

He said that he understands after talking to you what I should do. He calls the Saudamini and said that he did very wrong things with you. I don’t take care of you, and I can not keep you happy. So that why I can’t see you breaking down. She gives the smile then he said I will give you my time. She said no Bondita really need you this time. She is your wife, it’s your responsibility I am just your friend now. He said that my childhood friend is not just a little responsibility. my heart is divided into two parts the first half is for you and the second half is for Bondita.

She gives smiles happily. Then Shivraj asks that what happen She said that she said thanks to Anirudh for the help. He said that for your any wish he will do anything for you. Then she says for the business, that if Anurush becomes your son in law so your business will go high. Then he says to go and sleep now. She says that Anirudh gets impressed with me to play one play. I am Mini, and I can’t happy for half-day. Then she said that she wants Anirudh and his full time for me. That is why Bondita prays in the morning and said that is not a simple decision for me, Anirudh wants to study me. Trilochan wants that I become a good daughter in law for the house.

She said when I was the study at that time I want Anurudh there. So that master Ji does not let me down and this is still hurting my hand. She goes into the kitchen then Bihari says to make a tea. She says that is easy so I will do now. To continue the serial keep watching the “Barister Babu” on colors at 8:30 PM and anytime on Voot. For more updating written episodes stay tuned with us and stay safe!


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