The latest episode of Barrister Babu is going to open something interest and twist while the fans are excited to know what will happen in the upcoming episode. Will Vaijayanti tell the reality or Anirudh will marry her? Many things are still unclear and it will be seen in today’s episode, August 2, 2011. We are here to provide you with the latest episode of the upcoming twist. So, the episode starts when Bondita reaches Anirudh and thinks that today, she will tell the real feelings of Vaijayanti and will reveal that Vaijayanti is Bondita. Trilochan comes to her and asks about her parents and Bondita says that wait for the answer of this. They go upside without Anirudh and Vaijayanti says to him that she has to talk to him urgently.

Barrister Babu 2nd August 2021 Written Update

While, Anirudh says that he will say first and they both start arguing that who will tell first. Suddenly, Anirudh stops her and says that he can’t marry her because there is someone between us and he can’t forget her. Vaijayanti forces him to tell the reason behind this decision.

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He says that there is no any kind of reason to deny marrying her but he can’t marry because of this reason and Vaijayanti gets happy to hear this and tries to tell him that she is his Bondita.

Anirudh also says that he can’t forget the promises which were made for Bondita and added that Vaijayanti antics remind him of the little Bondita and therefore, he laughed at the moment. Also, the episode will come with where Anirudh will see some lawyers burning the barrister role and some other things of Bondita. He tries to stop them and scolds them. They say that who are you? He says that she took more than eight-year to fulfil her dreams and I will not let anyone destroy this.

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Later, Anirudh realizes that he hurt so many times to Bondita and now, he will not hurt her more by marrying Vaijayanthi. On the other side, Vaijayanti couldn’t stop herself to tell her feelings to him.

When she is about to reveal that she is Bondita not Vaijayanti but suddenly, Chandrachur comes to the temple playing dhol and Bondita hides from him and Anirudh meets him. Chandrachur says that they got something unique from which they can win this competition, not Anirudh’s fighters.

Anirudh asks him about the jackpot and he replies that he will reveal at right time. Anirudh finds that Vaijayanti is not there as she left. He thinks that she must be hurt after hearing this. Trilochan asks Anirudh about the family members of Vaijayanti but he says that she left after he refused to marry her. Suddenly, Trilochan gets angry and says that did he deny due to Bondita and Anirudh get silent. The Episode Ends.


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