In the upcoming episode of the most loving show of India, Barrister Babu will start from where when Bondita will ask Anirudh to answer her question. If he will marry her there will be a reason and if, there will be a reason for this. On the other side, the competition day is coming closer for them and Anirudh has lots of tension about it because this time, he doesn’t want to take a single chance. Because of this, he shares with everyone that how can they do sword fighting in the sword competition and what is the exact way for the competition as they have to win this competition in any way.

Barrister Babu 28th July 2021

On the other side, Vjayanthi is writing a letter to Anirudh and says that she is going to the men this evening so inform him through this. At that time, she says that she will write the letter in two conditions and after hearing that Anirudh still remembers Bondita because she also did the same as I was doing. He also thinks that Bondita wrote a letter before her marriage where she told her conditions.

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Later, she wrote the address on the letter so it can reach to the right person and ask Bihari to post this letter but he goes to the Anirudh and says that someone sent it for him. In the letter, she said that she has found the boy for the marriage and that is you but before marriage, he will have to accept her two conditions.

Along with this, she asked him to meet her in the garden at the same moment and on the other side, Tupur Thakurma says that her mother wants to save her mother at any cost. Later, Tupur requests to Thakurma to convince Bondita to marry to her husband because it will be the right thing to do and also, her life will improve by this decision.

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Thakuma gives her plans to convince Bondita in an emotional way as she will agree to this. You just have to says that if she will not marry, you will do end of your life.

Later, Anirudh and Bondita meet and she says that she will marry only with you and for this, she will have to talk to her parents. She keeps everything in front of him but Anirudh says that before taking this decision, have you talked about this with Anirudh? Now, what will be the answer of Anirudh to this question? Will Bondita marry Anirudh. Let’s watch this episode at 08:30 PM on the Colors channel.


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