The episode begins with Bhajan and Anirudh wakes up after hearing the sound of Bhajan and starts the episode. He wakes up thinking that Sampurna’s teacher must have arrived, but when he goes outside, he finds Shubhra worshiping like his mother. Anirudh gets shocked seeing this. Bondita and the rest of the family come to the place of worship. Anirudh asks how this girl came inside the house. Trilochan says that he brought her there.

Barrister Babu Today’s Episode

Anirudh says that he is a cheater and a liar but Trilochan says that it is not all lies and she also knows that there were two doors in their kitchen. Anirudh asks if she will become his mother knowing all this. Trilochan says that they asked him many questions before bringing him and he answered every answer correctly. Not only this he also knew how Shubhra died. Apart from this, she also showed the protective thread that Anirudh’s mother had brought from the kali maa temple.

Despite many shreds of evidence, Anirudh does not believe in this rebirth. After that, Trilochan suggests Anirudh ask the girl questions. Bondita asks Trilochan for the key to the vault but he refuses, saying that no one except him and Shubhra can open the vault. Anirudh apprehends that only his mother knew which vault they hold. Bondita says that it is a test that the girl needs to find the right key and open the vault. And the king of all these acts scares Munshi thinking that he did not give the girl any information about the key of the vault, what will she do now.

After that, in the next scene, we will see that Munshi will execute his new trick. Yes, Munshi goes to the closet behind Anirudh and drops the cell over him. The closet is about to fall on Anirudh but the girl shouts saying “Gopal” and pushes him while protecting him. The closet falls on his leg. Anirudh says that she is sure that she is no longer her mother, as she will now say that she is unwell, though she did not get a scratch just because she survived the test. But after some time, the girl takes the key to the locker but does not open it. And thus Trilochan is happy to see that she wins this test and surprises everyone.

Though Anirudh is unable to believe in all this, now Bondita will do something that will reveal the truth about the girl soon, along with this, the episode ends and Anirudh will be freed from this worry and the scribe will get punished for it. If you want to watch this upcoming twist then don’t forget to watch this episode of Barrister Babu on colors at 8:30 pm.


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