We are back with the latest written episode of the most popular and fantastic TV serial of ColorsTV, Barrister Babu. The show has been capturing lots of attraction in the last few days and fans are also going excited to know more about the upcoming episode. Every day the episode come with a new twist and fans love to watch the next to next episode every day.

Barrister Babu, 25th August 2021

Well, we have seen in the previous episode that Trilochan has locked Anirudh in the home and ordered his guards to stay here and keep their eyes lock on Anirudh. Trilochan says that Bondita called her and told everything to him that Anirudh is going to Tulsipur. Now, it will be amazing to watch that what will happen next in the upcoming episode.

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Today’s episode starts when Anirudh come to Tulsipur in the get up of Lord Krishna to meet Bondita. Anirudh teases by dance to Bondita and Bondita also dance with her and know that behind the getup, there is Anirudh. Everyone enjoys it and Anirudh dances with everyone and suddenly, a man comes to Bondita and says that there is a call from abroad.

Bondita goes and Chandrachur also goes behind her and says that I know that we did not get married but this relation started in the last 8 years. On the other side, Trilochan manages Sharaad for Bondita and says that nothing will remain in this house that remembers Bondita.

Trilochan says that the girl has died for us and with this Sharaad, we will also follow our ritual. Suddenly, Somnath comes to Trilochan and says that Dada is not in the room. Sampoorna says that he went to Krishana Nagar because of Bondita and he went for Bondita.

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Trilochan says that if he went there so, we will have to bring him back from there because Krishna Nagar’s people will kill him. They rushed towards Krishna Nagar and Sampoorna pickups the photo frame of Bondita. Sampoorna asks the priest to pray for Bondita and Anirudh.

Tupur goes behind Chandrachur and she takes a place of Bondita and on the other side, Bondita comes back to the spot where the celebration is going and without knowing anyone, Anirudh brings her to the storeroom and Bondita says that you know, there could be harm with you. Anirudh make understands her and says that he can’t live without her.

On the other side, Chandrachur comes close to Tupur as he thinks that she is Bondita. Someone comes to the storeroom and they both hides behind the gate. Anirudh pulls Bondita towards him and their eyes are locked.

Anirudh confesses his love for her and says that he will live with her forever and they both smiles. Bondita is shy and move from him. Anirudh asks her feelings and wants to know that will she accept his love? Anirudh forces her to tell him that she loves him.

Bondita doesn’t say anything and Anirudh says that he can understand her silence and is about to go from there. But suddenly, someone comes there and they hide behind the gate. Bondita pulls him towards her and says that when she will turn back, he will not look behind. On

the other side, Trilochan comes to the celebration spot and fires. Thakuma says that why did you come here? Trilochan says that Bondita calls Anirudh. Bondita also confesses her love for him. The Episode Ends. Now, it will interesting to watch that what will happen next and what will be the next move of Trilochan? Tell us in the comment section.


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