The latest episode of Barrister Babu is all set to spread entertainment among the watchers who loves to watch this serial for a very long time and sharing their amazing responses. Currently, Barrister Babu is surfing on the most popular serial list for Indian watchers. Now, here is the latest episode of Barrister Babu as of September 24, 2021. In the last episode, we saw that Bondita went inside the men’s washroom and when Judge was about to leave, Bondita came inside the judgment room and asked judge to appeal the open the case again. Bondita tries to open the case and Barrister has to work to fight for truth and justice.

Barrister Babu 22nd September 2021

The judge declared that Barrister Bondita will have to submit all the proof for the victim. Later, Bondita talked to Anirudh’s picture and said that he was the only one who helped me every time. Bondita tried to find every clue from the incident and she reminds everything that happened. Suddenly, Binoy rubbed everything from the board and she said that he did very well and helped her because she was about to rub it. Bondita promised Binoy to bring her husband back on Dashami.

Bondita reached the jail and meet Anirudh. She forced him to tell everything that happened that night. Anirudh remembered the incident but denied telling her and Bondita said to him that she will talk to everyone in the house and will bring the truth. She said to him that she will ask questions to everyone and at haweli, Bondita asked questions to everyone including Trilochan, Somnath, Sampoorna, Thakuma, Sumati, and Bihari about the incident and when Tupur came to her home, she said to Bondita that she will not say everything.

Suddenly, Tapur came to her room and he continuously said to her that she can’t say anything and Thakuma came to her and said that she is weak and many things happened in this house so, she got afraid. Thakuma brought her from Bondita’s room.

Bondita asked Anirudh as a Barrister that to whom he was trying to save and Anirudh did not say a single word. Bondita gave her a book and asked him to write about the incident. Now, the latest episode will bring many more things and Bondita gets to know that Anirudh is accepting the crime and trying to save his dearest.

Anirudh gets shocked and Bondita goes from there. Later, she finds that Tapur is trying to hide something from her but she will bring out the truth in front of everyone. Now, the latest episode will disclose many things and fans are going curious for the next episode.


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