The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu begins with Bondita as Bondita Anirudh’s mother’s lullaby recognizes Lori for what she used to sing. Shortly after that Binoy arrives there and he starts harassing Subra and asks her who sent her here. Then he blames her for making fun of his late wife and asks what she wants. He gives her the money and urges her to leave.

Barrister Babu 24th December 2020 Written Episode Latest Update Spoiler Alert Future Story

After that we see Subra depart from there. Binoy says that she got silent as soon as the money was received. However, let us tell you that Subra would have put that money in the donation box. Hearing this, Subra sees Binoy and says that he used to talk about money language even before and even today. She says that she does not want to take any money from Roy Chaudhary and urges Bondita to trust him.

In the next scene, we see that Anirudh says that she knows nothing about him and what she is trying to do. Also, Anirudh asks who gave him so much information about his family. Anirudh tells Subra not to play with my feelings and if you need anything, get it and leave it. Subra replies that she is back home and will not go back until she finishes her work. Bondita asks what is the task that you have come here to complete. Trilochan says that she is only making up stories.

Meanwhile, Anirudh tries to convince Bondita that it is not a second birth. It is only a conspiracy and there is no one like Subra. But Trilochan says that there can be a second birth. Anirudh reminds him that he once trusted Brijwasi blindly but in the end, we received nothing but betrayal. Along with this, Bondita also reminds Anirudh that if it were a lie, there would not be so many similarities between the girl and her mother.

Anirudh tries to convince Trilochan and Bonadita that they are not Subra, despite all being in front, it is only a conspiracy. If you want to watch the entire episode. So don’t forget to watch tonight at 8:30 on your TV channel Colors and stay with us for more such latest updates.


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