Well, the interesting episode of Barrister Babu was seen last day where many things have seen and it will be interesting to watch. Well, the serial has gone interesting because Bondita has come as a barrister of Anirudh and she is going to fight the case of Anirudh. She will save her husband or Anirudh Roychowdhury from this case and will win the case against another Barrister.

Barrister Babu, 23rd September 2021

Along with this, Barrister Subodh has ordered his assistant that make a plan so, she couldn’t come here again. On the other side, peon mixed something in Parshad and gave it to Bondita so, she had to use the washroom.

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On the other side, Bondita found a bottle of stomach poison and she got to know about Subodh Barrister and because of him, she is facing this problem. While Subodh Barrister asked to judge that he should be denied the hearing. Suddenly, Anirudh said to the judge that she is a brilliant barrister and knows everything. Bondita reached to the men’s washroom but suddenly another barrister stopped her by saying that it is a men’s washroom and a girl can’t come inside.

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Bondita broke a board that reads “Men’s Washroom” and said to the barrister that now, she broke the wall that exists between men and women. Everyone gets shocked after hearing this.

Now, the upcoming episode will come with lots of twists and turns because Subodh Chaterjee is planning everything to win the case and even, he tried to mix something with her food. We have seen in the last episode that Subodh asked Anirudh to hold her in the house and don’t bring her in this work again. Anirudh asked him that who are you to saying this? She is a brilliant lawyer and maybe, she is trapped in some situation and she will come back.

As we have seen that Bondita is going inside the men’s washroom and she will be seen in the courtroom and submit her papers to the judge so, the case will re-open again and the judge has already declared that till 11 AM, if the Anirudh’s barrister will not submit the paper, the case will never re-open and Anirudh will be hanged up.

Trilochan and Somnath get worried and suddenly, when the judge is about to announce his judgment over the case, Bondita came inside the court room and barrister Subodh gets shocked after seeing her.

Now, many more things will be seen inside the episode and it will be interesting to watch Barrister Babu. Everyone is curious to know that how Bondita will save Anirudh. Will she become a good barrister? All these things will get to know in an upcoming episode.


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