In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, watchers are eagerly waiting to know that what will happen next in the episode? The previous episode shows lots of things and unexpected moments between all the characters including Tapur and Somnath. They are getting married and Battuk is creating misunderstanding between them.

Barrister Babu 23rd October 2021

Now, the latest episode will open some reality in front of Bondita and every one of the houses. Batuk has changed many things in the house and we have been Somnath and Tapur’s married has been done and everything is going fine. While it’s a time for blessing rituals.

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Now, the upcoming episode will reveal many things because the episode shows that how Battuk’s girlfriend “Maliaka” reaches to his home to meet him and give a surprise of her presence in his house. She comes in RoyChoudhary haveli and hugs him front behind. Bondita gets shocked after seeing that an unknown girl is hugging her Pati babu.

Bondita says to her that what are you doing this and why are hugging her husband? She will reply that he is Batuk Roychoudhary and she is his girlfriend. Bondita thinks that why this girl is calling Battuk Roychoudhary instead of Anirudh. She gets tense and thinks continuously about this.

But unfortunately, Trilochan and Battuk will be seen handling the situation and say to Bondita that the girl is made and they don’t know what she is saying? Trilochan and Battuk will show the way of outside to the girl. But Bondita’s gets tensed that why the girl called her Pati babu as Battuk. Now, the latest episode will show all the watchers that Bondita will try to find the reality because her doubt has turned into surety that why that girl calling him Battuk.

Along with this, Bondita will begin the search for his real Pati Babu. While she doesn’t know the reality that Anirudh has gone from the world but still, she will find something else to bring out the reality. With all of this, She will definitely meet the girl. Bondita is a lawyer itself and definitely, she will reach the reality of this case and find the truth.

Well, she is still unaware that Battuk is playing the role of Anirudh to get his Big D’s baby back from Bondita. Next, more episodes will be interesting to watch so, stay tuned with us because we will bring lots of twists and turns for you from the latest episodes of Barrister Babu.


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