Today’s episode begins with Anirudh as Anirudh asks Bondita about her mother and Bondita tells him that she is very special to her, and she gets lost in her memories remembering her mother, and She says that Mother calls me as Gopal. Also, in the upcoming episodes you will see a new twist from the entrance of Anirudh, “Here’s your mother Beta”, where everyone wants to know who she is and who sent her here.

Barrister Babu 22th December 2020 Today Written Episode Spoiler Alert Gossip Future Story

As we all know that no one has seen Bondita’s mother yet, and now suddenly her mother’s entry will surprise everyone and everyone will be eager to know about her. On the other side, when she asks Anirudh about Gopal, everyone is shocked to hear this, because they did not expect such a thing, then Anirudh asks her who are you then she tells Anirudh “Sasu Maa” as your mother. Now it will be interesting to see if she is his real mother or is it just a conspiracy.

In the next scene, we will see that Bondita will get a chance to attend school so that she can learn properly and to face every challenge in the future. In short, Anirudh makes every effort to make the Bondita self-reliant and everyone knows that he is capable of winning every challenge that comes then we see that Greenwood get Saudamini out of her house, she tells him that I am unable to stay with the women. After that, the twist comes in the story as she is kidnapped while going to school.

In the second scene, we will see that she will be kidnapped and she will be locked in the factory, only then Anirudh will go to find her because he is well aware of that factory, so he goes to find her in the chemical factory and he sees Saudamini standing there. Along with Saurabh enters a chemical factory with Anirudh and attempts to save his life, after which all the villagers capture him but Saurabh loses his life, making his family miserable. Along with this, the episode ends.


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