We are back with the latest written episode of the most loving and awaited TV serial, Barrister Babu. Currently, the show has shown something interesting in the last few days and now, Anirudh will bring back Bondita to her house and life as well. The episode starts when Trilochan asks his servants to take out everything from this house that belongs to Bondita.

Barrister Babu 21st August 2021

Anirudh comes and suddenly, he got an injury in his hand and Trilochan says that you got an injury and Anirudh replies no, this is not an injury and from where you can take out because she lives everywhere in this house and even, in my heart, blood, breathe and everywhere.

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Anirudh confesses everything in front of Trilochan that he loves Bondita and again, he will bring back to this house. Anirudh says to Trilochan that he will never forget and till he is alive, no one can separate us. On the other side, Chandrachur gets a gun from Anirudh and when Chandrachur comes outside the shop, he finds the gun of Anirudh’s.

He pickups the gun and says that he will kill Anirudh with his won gun. While Bondita comes to pray Dugga Maa and says that Maa will have to become her protector and will have to stay with him always to protect him because she can’t become now.

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When Anirudh met Bondita, he says that he is going to end this enmity between both villages by putting his gun down and he knows that it will take some time because everything is not under their hands. The villagers will also have to do this with me and aspect no one can do anything.

Now, we have already watched in the previous episode that Bondita and Anirudh met in a tailor’s shop and their eyes locked. Before some time, Bondita was confessing her love to Anirudh but now, the time and situation have changed and Anirhd is going to end the enmity which is going on among the villages. Anirudh is about to confess his love to her but Bondita stopped him and said that he doesn’t need to say anything.

Now, it will be interesting to watch the next episode that will be available soon. Will Anirudh end the enmity of the villagers? Will Bondita accept Anirudh and his love? Many things are happening in the show and watchers are showing their interest in it. So, are you excited to know more about the upcoming episode. Stay tuned with us and get each spoiler of the show.


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