In the latest episode of Barrister Babu, the twist and the love story of Bondita and Anirudh is looking in danger because since then, Bondita left Anirudh and his village, he is not feeling happy and continuously remembering her and her talks. He realizes that he is in love with her and ready to confess everything but as we have seen that when he called Bondita and says about his feelings, she cuts his call and Anirudh feels uncomfortable because he doesn’t want to live without her. On the other side, Tupur decided that she will never let Bondita to Chandrachur and can anything for Chandrachur.

Barrister Babu 20th August 2021

Now, we are going to share the latest update of the upcoming episode where we will see that how Anirudh will convince Bondita and realizes her that he truly loves her. Now, we will get to see that Bondita will come into the dream of Anirudh and he thinks that she is standing in front of him. She says that tell her that how much you love her.

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Anirudh sits and sees her but he did not say anything. Bondita says that okay if you will not say that you love me so, I will go from here. Suddenly, Anirudh stops her and says that he will never make a space between them. He holds her hands and move back and suddenly, sees that Bihari Babu is standing in spite of Bondita.

Bihari says that you want to say, I am missing you and smile. Bihari says that he is missing her and dreaming about her. Anirudh says that yes, I am but when my letter will reach her so, I will say in front of her and will say everything about his feelings. When Anirudh finds that she did not reply to his letters and to find out this, he visits her villages to meet her.

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Bondita throws all of his letters to the fire to let them burn. Anirudh comes to her village and meets her in the clothing shop. He holds her hand and she asks him to leave but Anirudh says that he holds her for a lifetime.

Suddenly, Bondita leaves her hand and is about to go but Anirudh holds her hand and pulls her and they fall down on the table on each other. Suddenly, woolen falls on them and their eyes are locked. Anirudh says that she did not reply to his letters so, he came to meet her here. Bondita replies that she like distance and leaves me.

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Anirudh says if she asks him to don’t breathe, he will but can’t stop loving her. Now, Anirudh will also have to face Chandrachur in the fair where Chandrachur will fire but Anirudh and Bondita save. We don’t want to spoil your episode so, let’s wait for the upcoming episode.


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