The popular ColorsTV serial, Barrister Babu is ready to appear with the latest written episode. As we can see that Anirudh and Bondita have married and on the other side, Chandrachur is planned to fulfill his wrong intentions with Bondita. He entered her room and when there was no one instead of Bondita. He came out to succeed in his plan.

Barrister Babu, 18th September 2021

In the last episode, we also got see that Anirudh did not that what is happening in Bondita’s room, and he went to check without any problem. He was worried for Bondita and he checked for his safety. When he reached Bondita’s room, he saw Chandrachir, and Bondita got saved from Chandrachur but someone else became his target.

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Chandrachur runs from the house to save himself from everyone. Anirudh followed him to catch him and later, he caught him. He wants to punish him and on the other side, Thakuma and Trilochan fearsome bad happening. They also followed them to stop. While Thakuma and Trilochan go behind them to stop Chandrachur and Anirudh. Chandrachur tried to shot him but they fought.

Now, the latest episode will show that Anirudh can’t forgive him who disrespected a woman. Chandrachur and Anirudh fight with each other and Chandrachur gets shot by Anirudh and falls down from the bridge. Chandrachur died by his hands. Later, Inspector interrogates and Anirudh accepts all the blames and says that he shot Chandrachur and killed him.

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He goes with the police. Somnath says that they will hire the best barrister for Anirudh. Sampoorna says that Bondita will handle the case and will save her barrister babu. Trilochan shows his faith in her and asked her to save Anirudh.

Anirudh has been arrested and dragged to court for hearing his case. Bondita tells everything about the incident. She has decided to save Anirudh from all these things. She reached to the court to save him and the male lawyer makes her fun and says that a woman is going to fight a case. Anirudh has been sentenced to jail and Bondita takes the case to provide Anirudh innocent. She tells to the judge that she will provide in this court that Anirudh is innocent.

Anirudh gets confidence after hearing that his wife is with him and he is sure that Bondita will win this case and provide him innocent in front of everyone. Now, the upcoming episode is going to be more interesting when all these things happen? So, tell us in the comment section that Bondita will save Anirudh?


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