The latest episode of the Barrister Babu is all set to appear on the ColorsTV channel. The latest episode of Barrister Babu starts when Doctor tells Battuk that Mrs. Bondita is about to become mother. Battuk comes out from the camp and remembers when he talked to Anirudh. Anirudh asked him that Battuk has been living for the last few years in Italy and even then, he like Iliachi tea.

Barrister Babu, 18th October 2021

Anirudh says that he should study and everyone will call him the Best Lawyer of Tulsipur. Battuk says that he just wants to become an uncle of Anirudh’s child. Anirudh got shocked after knowing his wish and Battuk asked him to leave thinking about Bonita.

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In reality, Battuk thinks by saying that Bondita is about to become a mother and he wants Anirudh’s child. Battuk hears the recording of Anirudh and he thinks that he is back. Battuk hear Bondita saying that Bondita will fight for widows. Battuk says Punarvivah is on my foot.

He says that Bondita has snatched my big D and now, by taking support of law, you are about to snatch my big D’s child. He says she can’t take Big D from her and he will not let her do this. Battuk says he will take Big D’s child.

Trilochan reaches to the camp and says that she is his daughter-in-law and please save her. The doctor says that water has filled in in her lungs and her health is critical but we are trying our best to save her and the doctor asked him to go outside and wait. Trilochan asks someone about Anirudh and the villagers say that they have searched him in the river but they couldn’t search Barrister Babu. Trilochan says that let him search in another camp.

On the other side, Battuk thinks about Bondita and says that He is back and he will not repeat the mistake, Big D did. He will snatch her from his family and the baby’s life as well. Only one mistake and he will create a new plan so, she will give her child to his hand. He took a get-up of Anirudh and starts a new plan against Bondita.

On the other side, Bondita is still unconscious but she is remembering Anirudh who was asking her name. Suddenly, Bondita gets up and asks about Anirudh. She just wants to a have look at Anirudh.

Trilochan says that Anirudh will have to come back for his child. Later, A villager Subhash comes to Trilochan and he asks about Anirudh. Subhas says that someone saw Barrister Babu in the river who was drowning and maybe, he will not be saved in the storm.

Trilochan asks Duga Maa to give back his son and suddenly, Trilochan sees Battuk in Anirudh’s get-up. He thinks that Anirudh is back but Battuk says that he is Battuk who wore his get-up. He tells everything to Trilochan because no one knows that they are similar. He says that he will have to come in front of Bondita as Anirudh. He promises that once a baby comes into this world, he will tell truth in front of everyone.

Battuk comes in front of Bondita and she gets happy after seeing him. She says that she is scared until he did not come back. Suddenly, Trilochan comes there and Bondita asks him to give her the blessing to stay forever as the wife of Anirudh. The Episode Ends.


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