We have seen in the ColorsTV popular serial Barrister Babu which is coming with the latest twist because Bondita has moved for Krishna Nagar and swears that she will never go back to Tulsipur and never see the face of her Barrister Babu in her entire life. She cares about her mother and her mother asks her to promise that she will never think about Tulsipur and Anirudh Babu.

Barrister Babu, 18th August 2021

Now, the life of Bondita has taken a new turn because she can’t forget Anirudh as her love for him is infinity and can’t forget him but because of her mother, she will do everything and left her entire life of Tulsipur. Now, let’s talk about the upcoming episode of Barrister Babu.

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We will get to see in the latest episode where Anirudh will reveal that Bondita is innocent because Bihari brought a real spy in front of every villager and asks him to tell truth to everyone where he says that because of them, Bondita reached to the sword competition with Binoy and all things happened because of him.

While Trilochan says that how can they imagine that Bondita is innocent and this spy did not take money to say this. He can’t agree that Bondita is not a spy as she is not Tulsipur’s a girl.

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Trilochan says you lose the pray of Durga Maa and Anirudh says he was wrong and because of enmity, we lose everything. Anirudh asks everyone to that they will finish this enmity between Tulsipur and Krishna Nagar.

Trilochan says that nothing will be changed because this enmity will continue till their death. Anirudh says that it will be changed and everything will change because the enmity increase enmity and love will spread love. We have done enmity for the last many years but did not get anything so, let’s try love and maybe, it gives calm. Trilochan realizes that Anirudh loves Bonita.

Anirudh comes to his room and thinks about Bondita as how did she come to him and how Bondita came to her. Along with this, when he will be inside his room at night, he realizes that he loves her a lot and suddenly, rain starts.

At the same rain, Bondita realized that she loves Anirudh and now, Anirudh will also realize that. Anirudh will call Bondita and he will confess his love for her and suddenly, the phone cuts in the episode and it will not be clear that she cuts the call or it happens accidentally.

On the other side, Thakuma says that she can understand her and says that on the bet of Trilochan, Chandrachur agree to marry you and because of enmity, it will also happen with her, said Bondita. She explains everything to Thakuma and never agree to marry her sister’s husband. She will say that before doing this, she likes to die. So, what will happen in the next episode and will Bondita come into his life again. Tell us in the comment section.


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