Barrister Babu is the most entertaining and familiar serial of recent days. Watchers are going more excited to know the recent updates of the serial and what is going to happen next because the marriage has done and Anidita is going to live their happy life.

Barrister Babu 16th September 2021 Written Update

But, Chandrachur is the only villains of the serial because he wants to get back Bondita in his life and says to the servant that I know Bondita married to Anirudh but she will be mine forever and I will ruin their nuptial night and I am the only one who will live his mark on her body. Now, the latest episode will show that how Chandrachur will take her back and will Anirudh save her from him?

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The written update of today’s episode is here and Chandrachur decided to take her back by Hook or crook. Someone hears his conversation and in fear, drops the plate. Suddenly, Chandrachur opens the door and finds some flowers and anklet there.

He says that a woman was hearing them and the anklet belongs to her. He sends his spy to find out the girl who is wearing the same anklet. Anirudh and Bondita finally take a rest and says that hatred ended. Anirudh thanks God as he got Bondita as his wife. Bondita also thanks, God.

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Tapur rushes to Bondita and calls her. Chandrachur follows her and Sumati asks him that what is he doing here? Chandrachur says that he also came here to pray. Tapur teases them that Thakuma doesn’t want to stay together before their first night. Chandrachur gets to know that Tapur is not that girl. Anirudh and Bondita perform rituals. They both smiles and Anirudh says that he is ready to lose this.

Tupur asks Chandrachur to drink Kadda and Chandrachur refuses to drink. Suddenly, Chandrachur slaps her in front of everyone and humiliates her. Thakuma says that what did she do? Chandrachur went out with his frustration and Anirudh stops him and says that Tupur is her wife and he can’t misbehave with her.

Chandrachur asks him not to interfere with his personal matter. Anirudh says that she is not your personal property. Thakuma says that Anirudh is making big issues and these fights are common between couples.

Bondita says that then it’s okay both husband and wife should have equal rights and asks Tupur to slap Chandrachur as well. Thakuma says the husband is like a god for his wife and Tupur can’t disrespect her husband. Bondita says that it is wrong for every woman and Tupur always respects Chandrachur thinking that he also takes her side but he showed his reality. The Episode Ends.


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