Hey watchers, we are back with the enthusiastic episode of Barrister Babu, the previous episode of the serial is coming with a new turn where Anirudh and Bondita are going to marry. We have seen in the previous episode that Anirudh has changed everything between both villages and as their rituals are also changing where Anirudh washed Thakuma’s feet and also, asked Sumati Maa for this ritual and he also washed her feet.

Barrister Babu 14th September 2021 Episode

Now, the upcoming episode will bring lots of happiness because, before marriage, Bondita asked Anirudh that he will have to become a brother of Tapur & Tupur and a son of Sumati and Thakuma. Anirudh promises her before a happy couple, they will become Sakha and Sakhi.

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Along with all this, we will get to see Anirudh and Bondita in a new avatar where they both will dance on a Bollywood song “Ham Hai Rahi Pyaar Ke” and they will shoot their pre-wedding video, which makes the episode more interesting.

Before the day of their wedding, Anirudh gets tensed related to his marriage and wants to meet Bondita as soon as possible. But because of their rituals and promises, they can’t meet each other but their windows open in front of each other rooms. Suddenly, Anirudh gets a thread-type phone which is thrown by Bondita.

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Bondita reveals that she is in love with him and says “I Love You Sakha Babu” and later, Anirudh also confesses that he loves her and says I Love You Bondita. They both get happy after talking with each other. Along with this, Trilochan gets teary after hearing emotional words from Bondita and says that he will accept her as Bondita Bahu and says that again, he lost in debate with her.

Sampoorna also gets emotional. On the other side, Chandrachur calls Musa Bhai in Dhakka. Chandrachur wants to kidnap Bondita and bring her Dhaka. Chandrachur waits to call near the telephone.

Trilochan asks for Chandrachur and calls for having food together. Suddenly, the phone rings, and Chandrachur run towards the call but before picking the call, Somnath takes a call and Chandrachur cuts the line. He get to know that someone called from Dhaka but Trilochan says that there were neither our clients nor our relatives so, who called them? Anirudh gets suspicious and thinks that he will not let happen anything wrong in this marriage.

Now, the episode is going more interesting because Chandrachur wants to get Bondita in her life and also wants to marry her. He has planned to bring her to Dhaka for a lifetime and for complete his wrong intentions, he took help of Musa Bhai. Now, let’s see what will happen next in the latest episode.


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