We are back with another written Update of a famous colors Tv Show named Barrister Babu. The upcoming episode starts with Anirudh Because Anirudh tells mark of all the students. Anirudh announced the marks of all the students. Trilochan asks Anirudh why you always forget Ilaichi. Anirudh says that the exam is not a ghost, I believe she will remember all the answers. Trilochan says that you hope despite knowing that there is only one hour left in the exam.

Barrister Babu 14th December 2020 Today Written Episode:

We only need to focus on our goal, says Anirudh, we will see the sun with the naked eye and will not let the eyelid blink, and achieve victory. Trilochan says that as long as I am alive, I cannot command you to be a slave to Saudamini. Bondita challenges Saudamini and Greenwood. Anirudh smiles.

Saudamini gets angry. Anirudh called Thanks Bondita to remind the daughter, success appears on one side and failure on the other. After some time the principal asks them to have food and says that the examination will start a little later. Anirudh asks the girls what we are ready for this challenge. The girls say yes. Ilaichi says that my earring is lost and goes to Saudamini to find it.

In the next scene, we see that Anirudh says that I have to do something for my team. The principal says that there must be a proper time for this but it is not yet the right time, Anirudh leaves from there. Trilochan says that I cannot see this cheating, I am going through this. Binoy attempts to stop her but he ignores her and leaves.

Trilochan says that you are well aware of the consequences of failure, we will leave Tulsipur, I will go home and bring money and papers, can you see Anirudh and Bondita being servants of Saudamini and Greenwood. No, therefore it is better that we leave this place. Binoy asks where will you go. Trilochan says we will go to London, they will not meet us there. The Principal asks questions and everyone answers, with this the episode ends. If you want to know more so don’t forget to watch this episode which is telecast on Colors TV at 8:30 Pm.


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