Again, we are back with another great written update of the most prominent daily soup, Barrister Babu. So, everyone knows that the show is actually very superb that collecting lots of love from the audience. Here, you will get a complete written episode update of 13th September 2021 that help everyone to know more details about what will be going to happen in tonight’s episode. The episode begins with Trilochand talking to Bondita that he was about to commit the sin that he has put the burning coal in her mouth along with it, he thinks to kill her.

barrister babu 13th september 2021

He asks her to tell from which face he will come in front of her. Bondita starts crying and the entire house gets emotional. Let us also tell you that the promo of the show clearly stated that the viewers will be going to watch the wedding occasion of Bondita and Anirudh.

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Thakumaa inviting Anirudh forward in the order they will wash the feet of their son-in-law. But, when they all doing so, Anirudh feels weird and Bondita remembers the past that Anirudh refuses to wash his feet. After that, Bondita tells Tapur that he will not let anyone wash his feet.

She further says that Anirudh does not like any rituals in which the girl’s side appears small or less than the groom’s side. This time, Anirudh goes to Thakumaa and then Tapur says to Bondita to look at Anirudh as his point of view has been changed now. But, Bondita asks her to wait and watch as she confirmed that Anirudh did not change. Then, Anirudh apologizes to Thakumaa that he will not let them wash his feet. Thakumaa says but why as this is their duty and the girl’s side always gives respect to the groom’s side.

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After that, Anirudh says that they are from Bride’s side and in his point of view, the prestige of the bride’s side is much high than the side of the boy. He further says that the bride’s side gives lots of things to the groom’s side even they give their daughter for their entire life.

He added that this is the reason in his point of view the prestige and respect of the bride’s side are more than the groom’s side. The forthcoming episode of the show will be going to entertain everyone a lot. Barrister Babu will be airing at 8:30 PM only on Colors TV.


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