The latest episode of the Barrister Babu is coming with the latest twist in the serial. Now, the Bondita will get to know that Anirudh will love her and he will not let her become a Sannyasini. We are back with the latest episode of August 13, 2021. Where you will get to see something interesting and twisting.

barrister babu 13th august 2021 episode

Anirudh will aware of the last ritual to become Sanyasini and he will stop this and will never let do this Bondita. Many more things will come in the serial so, let’s move to the written update of the upcoming episode that will be seen in the upcoming episode.

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The upcoming episode will start with Anirudh who reaches in Kitchen and takes some food for Bondita including Haldi. He comes to the Sashwati and asks her to give this food to Bondita. Sashwati gives food and Haldi to Bondita and asks her to get well soon.

Bondita thinks that if the internal injuries get well by Haldi. She reminds that he will have to accept that he loves her and she is not a spy. Bondita says to call him and asks him to put Haldi on her legs. Anirudh says that she is too obstinate and Bondita eats some food. Anirudh says that he will send water with someone’s hands.

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On the other side, Trilochan says to Dugga Maa that Anirudh will not let her become a Sanyasini because the last ritual follows that the voice of Bondita will be snatched for a lifetime. Trilochan asks Bihari’s wife and gives her a necklace and orders that she will have to take some burning coal from market and come to the ghatt. 

Trilochan says that also bring Bondita to the Ghatt. Bihar’s wife asks him that why are you doing this? He says that according to the last ritual, they will have to put a burning coal on Bondita’s tongue and that makes her voiceless for a lifetime.

In the night, Bihari’s wife bringing some coal and stove with her, and suddenly, Anirudh follows her and stops her. Bihari comes to them and suddenly, she falls down everything. Anirudh sees Coal and asks her where she was taking this.

She says that Trilochan gave her this necklace and asks her to bring some coal so, they could follow the last ritual to become sanyasini. Anirudh asks them about the last ritual and after hearing this, he gets shocked and comes to his house.

He calls Somnath, Sampoorna, and Trilochan in the hall and says that now, he knew the truth and he will not let this happen with Bondita at any cost. Trilochan says that I did not do anything wrong as she is an enemy of the village and Anirudh says that he will not let this happen.

Trilochan says that she accepted this and we can’t change this. He says that he can’t accept that she is a spy. In the next morning, Anirudh goes to Bondita and she smells his perfume and says Sakha Babu you have come.

Anirudh says that how do you know that I am here? she says that I smell your perfume and next time, if you will come to me so, please don’t use your perfume. She makes a sketch of Radha and puts it on the left side of Krishna murti. Bondita says that Krishna Ji was alone so, I made this for him, and now, he is not anymore alone.

She says Krishna Ji, unite us, please. Suddenly, Roof falls down and Anirudh pulls her close and they both fall down. They have an eye lock and Bondita says that he can’t see her in pain and he says yes. She says that she loves him and now, he will have to accept this in front of all the villagers. The Episode Ends.


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