The latest episode of Barrister Babu will show some exclusive twists in the episode and watchers are going more excited to watch what is next? Today, we are back with another episode that shows Bondita and Anirudh love story. After Bondita is accused of being a Spy. She is going to become Sanyasini from the punishment given by Trilochan.

Barrister Babu, 12th August 2021 Written Update

Now, the episode will show you that turning point when Anirudh will confess his love for her. The episode starts when Chandrachur comes to Tulsipur to save Bondita life and bring her to the car and asks him to leave from here with him. She says that she can’t go with him. Anirudh comes and sees that Chandrachur is bringing her and suddenly, Somnath comes to Anirudh and says that Chandrachur has entered the Tulsipur and we are going to find him.

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Bondita says that she can’t run like a thief and going back. She says that she accepted this punishment and asks him to go. Anirudh looks at her back and thinks that he can’t see her lose her identity. In the next scene, Bondita walks on breakable glasses and suddenly, Anirudh comes there and puts his hand under her leg. He stands up and Bondita says that confesses his love for her and says that you love me it this is not love what is.

Anirudh says that they are not like Krishna Nagar people and they hate them, they were hostile but we never forget the responsibility of humanity. They are different from the people of Krishna Nagar. Later, Chandrachur comes to save Bondita but she refuses.

After some moment, Anirudh notices that she is holding something in her hand and asks her to show and suddenly, its falls down. Anirudh gets shocked after seeing a burning coil in her hand because it is beyond his expectation. Anirudh asks that what is going on here and he thinks that something suspicious is going on here.

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Later, she reveals the next or third ritual that Bondita will have to put a burning coil on her tongue, and Anirudh and Bihari get shocked after hearing this. Anirudh gets angrier and goes to Trilochan and Somnath to say that what is going on with her. It is disgusting and will not let happen with her at any cost. Now, it will be interesting to watch what will happen next? So, don’t forget to watch the next episode of Barrister Babu at 07:30 PM on ColorsTV.


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