Hey watchers, we are back with the latest written episode of Barrister Babu, where the story of Anirudh and Bondita is going amazing and they both are trying to win the hearts of their family with their love and also, will finish the enmity of their villages. Now, the latest episode of the show starts with Thakuma who says to Anirudh that she will play a ritual to wash his legs.

Barrister Babu, 10th September 2021 Written Update

Bondita reminds that before Anirudh never participated in this ritual and says to Tupur that Anirudh will deny accepting this. Anirudh denies and says that the bride’s family does sacrifices. They give their daughter to the bride’s family and they are givers so, they should get more respect than the groom’s family. Thakuma insists but Anirudh denies accepting this.

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Along with this, the other villagers also support Anirudh and says that they will not available in the marriage. Anirudh says that the ritual will happen but all the women will have to sit and men will wash their feet. Thakuma asks Sumati to sit as well and she asks apology from Anirudh for her behavior.

Anirudh cleans their feet and when Chandrachur is about to leave from there, some waterdrops fall on his clothes mistakenly and Chadrachur slaps the guy and shouts at him by saying that he forgot his real place and asks him to get out from here.

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Anirudh comes there and says that the discrimination is not acceptable here and makes understand that everyone is equal here and they should not forget this. He asks Chandrachur to apologize to Angad for the slap. Chandrachur says that he will not apologize. Anirudh says that we all are equal in everything and our blood is read and we all are humans. Chanrdachur is not a god to decided everything and he waits for Chandrachur to ask sorry.

While, Bondita says to Tupur that why is he adamant and he should say sorry for his action. Thakuma insists on him to asks sorry for the sake of the groom’s family. Trilochan says that Anirudh will not leave him easily and Chandrachur still denies for apology and Anirudh says that if he doesn’t apologize so, he will kill him.

Later, Sampoorna shows her jewels and says that everything is just for her. Bondita says that this is nice but she wants something else. She says that whoever sent these jewels, should come in front of her. Bondita calls Trilochan and says that she is angry with him. Trilochan says that he was feeling ashamed of what he did with her. Later, Bondita says that he should take care of her just like her father.

Chandrachur gets angry saying that Bondita can’t become the wife of Anirudh and she just belongs to her. Chandrachur’s spy comes and says that he will have to accept the reality. Chandrachur gets irked and says that now, there is just one plan left. He will have to kidnap Bondita without knowing anyone.

Spy asks that where he will keep Bondita so no one even Roychowdhurys gets fail to find her. Chandrachur says that he will hide her in Dhaka so, no one could find her ever. Now, the upcoming episode is going to be more amazing. Don’t forget to watch Barrister Babu at 08:30 PM on Colors


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