The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu as of August 10, 2021, the episode will show the turning point in Bondita’s life. Not only for Bondita, the next step of Bondita will also affect Anirudh’s life. Today, the episode will show that Anirudh gives a nun dress to Bondita and she accepts.

Barrister Babu, 10th August 2021

Bondita thinks that Anirudh made her life colourful and now, he is going to make her life colorless too. Anirudh gives her and Sampoorna covers Bondita’s with the saree. Bondita says by clapping that she wanted to hear Bravo from Anirudh but what did she get? He gave her a tag of sanyasini.

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Later, Sampurna asks her to make Bondita ready as a nun and Bondita says to her that why don’t you do, as you taught me how to get ready and wear jewellery. Sampurna says she taught her many things but she didn’t follow. Sampurna says she will not hesitate today to make Bondita as a nun. She is going to snatch all colors from her life and Bondita comes to the nun dress-up and also, Sampurna takes all the jewellery from her.

While, Trilochan says that Anirudh will never speak any nun in the future and the priest asks her to follow all the rituals to become a nun and Bondita accepts starting of 2 rituals. Suddenly, Priest is about to say the third ritual, Trilochan stops him and thinks that Anirudh should not know about this.

The third ritual is that a nun will have to keep her mouth close forever and she can’t say a single word. But, Anirudh is unaware of this. Trilochan diverts the topic and Anirudh sees that another nun’s hand burned but she didn’t say a single word. Anirudh says that her hand burned and his friend says that she is Sanyasini and will not say a single word.

His friend says that Kaka is calling her and can’t stand up between rituals. On the other hand, Bondita has been locked by Anirudh in the room and Anirudh says that she can’t live peacefully. Anirudh says that she is a good barrister and can do many things in her life. Anirudh forces her to confess his love. She says many things to him and Anirudh feels something for her.

\Now, the upcoming episode will show that Anirudh will confess his love in front of everyone and Bihari says to her that the vehicle is waiting for her outside and asks her to leave from here. Bondita says that it will be seen that what kind of gift will Anirudh give me? Let’s wait for the twist and tell us in the comment section that what will be decision of Anirudh?


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