The chase to stay at the first position and to get there will be seen on Friday in the Super Basketball League Match. Bank of Taiwan and Yulon Luxgen Dinos will battle against each other when the date will determine which team takes the second position on the scoreboard. Though Taiwan Beer is already in first position but has already slipped from points with its successive two defeats. And a loss to the match will take the Taiwan Beer to the next down position.

And on the other side, it’s Yulon who emerged as the second ranked team cornering it’s opponents with a wide margin of points on it’s account. The team is on straight out of the six game winning spree. Though not only this took them to the leaders position, their second win against the opponents with 97-71 margin shows their calibre to defeat. The top position is now in the unpredictable zone where either of the teams would settle in.

Bank of Taiwan vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos

The Bank of Taiwan is hosting its opponents this time. Whereas, Yulon is definitely confident about their win and with their outing, they will make sure to come with a double force. They know that Taiwan has only managed to have strung up the one win in their last seven outings in the league. With top players like Keane and Zier, Yulon completes it’s amazing team. On the other hand, we know that, Bank of Taiwan has players like Chang and Matt Jones on their side. the team will definitely try out its luck hard. Lets see how BT will perform in the homeland.

Bank of Taiwan: Po-Sheng Chang, Chen Yu-Jui, Gao Jian-Yi, Chi-En Li, Xiang Zhang, Matt Jones, Wei Che Lee, Long Hong Yuan, Zhang Jiahe, Yo-Xou Chen, Wang Tai-Jie, Lu Guan-Ting, Po-Wei Lin, Huang Jiaming, Lin Renhong, Wu Youren, Liu Renhao, Shun-Hsiang Chen, Charles Mitchell, Hsieh Zong-Rong

Yulon Luxgen Dinos: Marcus Keane, Liang Lu-Guan, Li-Jen Lin, Jie-Min Lu, Kai-Hsiang Hu, Jian Hao, Guo Zhaonan, Yi-Hui Lin, Zier Lu, Zheng Tie, Lu Cheng-Ju, Zhou Baichen, Lu Guanxuan, Pan Guanhan, Sim Bhullar, Te-Wei Lee

BT vs YD Details:

Venue : The match will be played in Taiwan.
Date and Time : BT vs YD, 3rd April 2020, 2:30 PM IST

So, far the prediction says that it will be a straight win for Yulon. They are battling against a regressing Bank of Taiwan as opposition, who continuously dropped in the scores even after having a strong defensive history. But the table could possibly take the turn on the other side. Who do you think will win the match? Let us know in the comments section below.


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