How to Apply for Bangkok Thailand Pass? Step-by-Step Guide Details: A question is wondering on the web, what is Thailand Pass? this question is trending on the web and creating several questions. The Thailand pass system is a free-of-charge web-based system structure to make the process of documentation of travelers entering Thailand more well organized and faster. The QR code of the Thai Pass is important for all travelers entering Thailand. The appeal is assigned by the central authorities in Thailand and not the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate. This question is getting viral on the web with numerous marks. We will try to cover all the points in this article. Let’s continue the article. Follow For More Updates

Bangkok Thailand Pass

How to Apply for Bangkok Thailand Pass?

The main motive of the system is to support to help the country’s “Ease of Travel” system after it reopens and to accelerate stuffing out details and uploading certificates of travel, which are required. This pass is essential for all travelers coming to Thailand, Whether they be Thai nationals or nonnative. From 1 May 2022, Thai pass application and acceptance demand will depend on a traveler’s vaccination status. Several things to tell you about the news, which you will tell in the next section.

  1. Fully Vaccinated travelers will be able to enter Thailand under the No Quarantine Program. Those travelers are vaccinated, they don’t need to book 1 night’s housing in an assigned SHA+ hotel or complete an RT-PCR test on arrival. Insurance is not demandable for vaccinated foreigners. 18 years old can travel with their vaccinated parents, and quarantine will not be included.
  2. Unvaccinated travelers – two options will be available for them.
  • They will be able to enter Thailand but have to follow the existing 5-day Alternate Quarantine program; OR
  • They can’t enter the No Quarantine program by testing an RT-PCR test and giving the result in their Thai pass location. They will not be considered older than 72 hours before their departure date.


You must scan your passport or take a picture of your passport profile page similar to this example.

Vaccination proof

If you are vaccinated so there is no need for a Quarantine program, you have to show your vaccination certificate or card. The file must be in JPG, JPEG, or PNG. Those who are vaccinated can be travelers who would like to come under the No Quarantine program and quickly submit a card of vaccination you have done RT PCR COVID-19 test and the report should be negative, and the report should not be more than 72 hours. Stay tuned for more updates.


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