Who Is Babushan Mohanty’s Wife Trupti Satapathy? Age, Biography, Instagram, Family: The footage is gaining an enormous amount of attention from the netizens and social media consumers. The highly distributed video features the wife of Odia film actor Babushaan Mohanty, Prakruti Mishra, and the actor himself. If you are aware of the controversy then you must have understood what is in the viral video. As per the source, the viral video is showing a physical altercation between Trupti Satapathy and Prakruti Mishra in front of the Odia film actor. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

babushan mohanty wife trupti satapathy

Who Is Babushan Mohanty’s Wife Trupti Satapathy?

This is the reason fans and netizens are getting amazed by the recently surfaced video of Trupti Satapathy and Prakuti Mishra. This article is consist of ample imperative details of the altercation between Prakuti Mishra and Trupti Satapathy. By reading it till the end you will eventually become educated on this controversial video. Scroll down the page to find out what is the bone of contention in the feud between Prakuti Mishra and Trupti Satapathy.

Who Is Trupti Satapathy?

Reportedly, the video that is showing Babushaan Mohanty’s wife attacking actress Prakuti Mishra has become the hottest and most controversial element on the internet at this time. As per the source, actress Prakuti Mishra and Trupti Satapathy’s husband both were physically assaulted and attacked by Trupti Satapathy in Bhubaneswar, Odisha on Saturday. Scroll down the page to get further details.

Babushan Mohanty’s Wife Trupti Satapathy Viral Video

The viral video shows the wife of Babushaan Mohanty stopping his car in which actress Prakuti Mishra is sitting next to Trupti Satapathy’s husband. Meanwhile, the particular location and time of the incident are not to us at this time. Babushaan’s wife can be seen attacking him and his so-called girlfriend, Prakuti Mishra. The ongoing viral video also shows Trupti Satapathy grabbing actress Prakuti Mishra’s hair in front of the crowd and trying to shove her. Keep reading this blog to learn further details of this controversial fight between Trupti Satapathy and Prakuti Mishra.

Babushaan Mohanty Prakruti Viral Video

After getting assaulted by Trupti Satapathy, actress Prakuti Mishra fled the scene after yelling for help from the crowd. As per the details, Babushaan’s wife and three thugs stopped the car of the Odia actor while he was heading to board a flight at the Bhubaneswar Airport to Chennai along with actress Prakuti Mishra. This incident was recorded by many people and later it was also posted online. Later the Odia actor also gave an explanation why he was with Prakuti Mishra at the Bhubaneswar airport. He said he has to work with a number of co-actors in his field. This is the nature of his profession that his wife should comprehend this.


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