In the previous episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes, we have seen Mini telling her friends that she and her babes will shift from Hanuman Singh’s house as they cannot live there now. Mini’s friend tried to put some sense into Mini, but she got mad at them. Mickey told Mini not to take any impulsive decision. Mickey said that he would not help her finding a new home as it’s wrong. He said that he’s her friend and that is why he is stopping her doing the wrong. Her other friend named Bobby said he would help her.

Mini’s grandmother, Shami made tasty laddu for Hanuman. Shami also seemed worried because of the tension between Mini and Hanuman. Naeem Bi suggested Babita not to buy readymade spices. Babita’s friend came to her and asked if she is leaving Hanuman’s house. She said that Mini’s friend Bobby is searching for a house on rent for two women. Babita got worried after learning about it. Babita came to the home and asked Mini why she’s finding another home for them. Mini, who is angry over Babita and Hanuman’s bond, said that yes she’s searching a new home for the two.

Babita asked Mini how dare she take such a big decision without her permission. Mini got emotional and said that they could avoid complication if they follow her instructions. Babita clearly told that she isn’t with Mini in her decision of leaving Hanuman’s home. She made it clear that they will not go anywhere from Hanuman’s house. Mini asked why she does not understand her point. Hanuman came to the home and asked Mini why she’s talking to her mother like this. He also asked her to become more responsible. Mini asked her mother why Hanuman is coming between them. Just then Khatri came there and said that Hanuman has already come between the mother-daughter duo.

In Sony TV show Patiala Babes 22nd July 2019 episode, Hanuman and Babita decide to sacrifice their love for the sake of Mini’s happiness. It’s a no secret that Babita and Hanuman both love Mini so much and that they cannot see her tensed. Since Mini got to know that her dear Hanuman uncle loves her mother Babita and that her mother also likes him, she’s very tense. The tension also affects Mini’s health that prompts Hanuman and Babita to take a hard decision.


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