Surprisingly, Pakistan Skipper Babar Azam has got engaged with his paternal cousin and will get married next year. This is actually a very big surprise for everyone but the cricketer is in Abu Dhabi for the second half of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The cricketer is in quarantine and he officially revealed about his engagement and claimed to get married next year with his paternal cousin. It is common that cricket Babar Azam is a very famous skipper and contains a huge fan following all over the globe. After he announces the surprising news of his marriage to everyone that stun all the people.

Babar Azam Gets Engaged To His Cousin

If we talk about the cricketer then he played for the Karachi Kings in PSL and also appreciated by many reputed cricketers for playing extremely well in the tournament. The remaining matches of the tournament will be played from 9th June 2021 but the complete schedule has not been revealed yet. The league is going outstanding and collecting huge attention of the audience. Otherwise, the cricketer always remains in the spotlight for his outstanding batting even that he very well hides the news of his engagement from the public and highlights.

Now, he officially announced his engagement and give surprising news to all the fans and the people across the globe. Recently, Cricketer Azhar Ali did a Q&A session in which he giving answers to some people on Twitter. In the session, one of the fans asked him to say something about Babar Azam and in response, Azhar asked him to get married. Otherwise, we have not too much information about the girl whom he married next year. We just know that she is his paternal cousin and now going to become his wife. Babar Azam is already very famous for his cricket skills and now he is again hitting the highlights.

The cricketer is very talented in the game and just because of his all format skipper talent he is currently on the team. The team has some amazing and unbeatable cricketers to play in the international format for the team in which Babar Azam’s name also included. The team has supposed to return home on 22nd June after the PSL ended. Now, the cricketer again dominating the spotlight because of his announcement of the engagement and will get married next year. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the current topics and entertaining updates of sports.


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