The most awaited web series “BA Pass” is going to release its third part soon. The third part has been directed and written by Shadab Khan. The first part of BA Pass was released in 2012 was directed by Ajay Bahl and written by Ritesh Shah. The web series featured Shadab Kamal, Shilpa Shukla, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya. The story of this series is about a young boy who got seduced by a married woman and used him for her physical satisfaction. The young boy Mukesh has lost his parents in a car accident and now he lives with his aunt. One day he meets Sarika who is married and its changes his life forever. The genre of this movie is crime and drama which is highly liked by the viewers.

BA Pass 3 Release Date

The second part of this web series has been directed and written by Shadab Khan which features Kritika Sachdeva in a lead role along with Satiiysh Saarathy Sasho and Sanghmitra Hitaishi. This web series was released in 2017. B.A.Pass is the sorry of a young girl who has some goals to achieve and is not in hurry to marry. She desires to be independent and stay away from her family. But somehow she missed the right path to fulfill her dreams which ruined her life. Now the makers have come up with B. A Pass 3 and they have launched the trailer already. The viewers who have watched the first two seasons are eagerly waiting for this to be released.

There are reports that this part will be released on 1st May. B. A Pass3 has been directed by Narendra Singh and it will launch on the Filmybox App. The story of B. A Pass 3 is about a young boy who is jobless and looking for a job to survive in this city. In the search for a job he accidentally meets a woman and started dating her. He is new in the city and explores while looking for a job. This story will become more eager when they got punished for it. The story will keep the audience engaged till it ends. The director of this web series has also said that

“This is the first time I am directing this kind of story and I am thrilled that B. A Pass will be the first fil to stream on FilmyBox App. In this pandemic, I got the opportunity to go digital as the audience also consuming the content from it. Now we are working on the web series which will release in 2021. We will provide the content in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu language as we have an audience who can better relate to these languages. Stay tuned on FilmyBox App to watch B. A Pass 3. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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