A very heart-wrenching incident happened in Ahmedabad because Ayesha Khan died by suicide after jumping in Sabarmati. When she jumping into Sabarmati then she records a video on her mobile in which she clearly said that she is taking this step for her own and nobody has pressurized her for doing this. After the incident coming in front of everyone then all the people are looking forward to knowing the entire matter behind the suicide of Ayesha Khan. The video also went viral on various social media platforms where millions of people want justice for Ayesha.

Ayesha Khan Suicide Live Video On Sabarmati Lake Check Images Reason Bio Family & Affairs

In the video Ayesha saying that “I am happy and I want to die in peace, I don’t want to fight, I love Arif”. The message conveyed to Ayesha’s father and she takes this step for her own. Ayesha also got the call from her husband before jumping into Sabarmati. The Riverfront West Police have registered a crime against the women’s husband in the case. The fire brigade’s rescue team find and recover the body of the wife and now the police register a case and investigating the case.

Let us tell you that Ayesha married Arif Khan in 2018 who lives in Rajasthan. Ayesha was also harassed by her husband and in-laws over dowry that becomes a cause in the case filed by Ayesha including her Husband, Mother-in-Law, and Father-in-Law. The case filed by Ayesha in the Vatva police station and she also filed a case of domestic violence in court.

In the video she said “Dear Dad, when will you fight your case? Don’t let Ayesha fight because she doesn’t want to fight. If Arif wants freedom, then he is free. Let’s live our life, this is the opportunity. I am happy, I will meet Allah, I will tell him, where did I go wrong? I got good parents, wonderful friends but something either lacked in me or my fate. I have nothing to say now. Understand that the almighty gave me a short life”. Now, the police investigating the entire matter and trying to find out clues that help to solve the case. The truth behind the suicide of Ayesha Khan will be very soon come in front of everyone. So, stick with us to get more information related to the topic because we will update all the information here.


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