Is Ayesha Curry Pregnant? Canadian-American actress pregnancy Hoax on Twitter: Ayesha Curry, who is the wife of Stephen Curry, made a cheeky tweet recently that made the fans crack jokes about her and make memes. Steph Curry has recently won the title of MVP after his team the Warriors beat the Celtics in the NBA finals. His wife made a post on Twitter that led the way to crack jokes. His great performance in the tournament had made Twitter shower many praises and congratulatory posts. It was a historic win as Stephen bagged the much-deserving MVP title. Follow For More Updates

Ayesha Curry Pregnant

Is Ayesha Curry Pregnant?

Ayesha was very happy with the victory of the Warriors. Stephen was embraced by her as well at the venue of the finals, right after it ended and he claimed the MVP title. But, it was her tweet that made the fans laugh out loud. The tweet also made them think that she was pregnant.

For those of you who are confused by the Tweet, we will remind you that she is not pregnant, which has been confirmed by the couple as well. You may be thinking about what the tweet was that made the fans make fun of the tweet. Well, worry not as we will bring you the tweet that was posted on Twitter.

Ayesha Curry’s pregnancy Hoax on Twitter

Ayesha wrote on Twitter,  “On the menu tonight: SF Hot Pot with a side of Curry GOAT,” which was after the victory of the Warriors in the finals.

This was the very tweet that got the fans to joke whereas others were left confused with the news of her pregnancy. The speculation of the pregnancy had risen from the past as Ayesha had given birth every time the team of Steph won the NBA finals. This has happened in the NBA finals of 2015 as well as 2018. These instances were the reason that made the fans believe that she might be giving birth yet again, as it has already happened twice in 2015 and 2018. The jokes about Ayesha’s cooking also started surfacing with this tweet.

Who are Ayesha and Stephen?

They have been together for a long time. They have given birth to three kids as well. The one who is the oldest is the 9-year-old Riley, the second child is Ryan and the youngest one is a 3-year-old whose name is Canon.

They got married in 2011. They met for the first time in high school. They have known each other since 2000. Ayesha has had her career as a celebrity chef as well and appeared on a YT show Who’s in my Bathroom.


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