Aya Youssef Belly Dance Video A piece of news has come on social media, As we know many news come on social media and get viral and this news is one of them. This news is circulating on social media at a high speed. The despoil of a school teacher, who was recently divorced by her husband after a video of her belly-dancing with colleagues, which is getting viral on several platforms, has activated a national debate in largely conservative Egyptian society over women’s rights. So this news has been being a topic for debate among the people. everyone has a different view of the lady. Here are many things for sharing about the news, you are on the right page for knowing the details of the viral news. Let’s start the article, keep reading.

Aya Youssef Belly Dance Video

Aya Youssef Belly Dance Video

Aya Yousef has been fired for misconduct and then she had to face divorce by her husband after viral the clip in this she is performing a bally dance with her colleague at a work social event on a Nile boat reportedly without her permission. The video is showed Yousef dancing with 4 other teachers and the tune was Popular Egyptian music as others clap in applause for them. After the video went viral on Twitter, the critics started criticizing the teachers for dancing in public while others decried what they saw as a violation of the privacy of the five. Several people are sharing their thoughts by Twitt on the viral video.

Let’s take a look at the comment, A user is commenting that she has acted shamefully. “It clearly shows the poor times we live in anything is permitted.” “Education has arrived at a low level in Egypt”, And another comment is calling for intervention by the relevant authorities. Following all mess up, Yousef was fired by the primary school Dakahila Governorate in the Nile Delta, where she had served for several years teaching Arabic.

Youssef said, her life is totally ruined because of the video. when the spread, everything went upside down and her husband divorced her, According to her she did not anything wrong. She says that’s was a fun moment and all know about that who was on the journey. However, the public is criticizing her due to this viral video as she had committed a crime when she shared laughter and played with her colleagues. Women’s rights advocates in Egypt spoke out strongly, insisting the teacher did nothing wrong and saying that was a victim of a witch hunt. Egyptian center’s for women’s rights had Dr. Nihad Abu Qusman, who offered a job in her office and asked her to bring her contract from the education ministry. Stay connected for more updates.


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