Recently, a piece of very heart-breaking news has been broken out on the internet. So, Former India Under-19 skipper and Saurashtra cricketer Avi Barot has passed away. Many people are saddened to hear about this tragic loss and they paying soulful tribute to the legendary cricketer.

Avi Barot passed away

The news was actually very saddened and making everyone upset as well. The cricketer was actually quite famous for his outstanding skills in playing cricket. Let us also tell you that he was an Indian first-class cricketer who played for Saurashtra. The cricketer was actually talented but unfortunately, his death news has broken several hearts all around the country.

Avi Barot Death Reason

In his entire career, he played lots of matches and he was a wicket-keeper-batsman. Let us tell you that Barot has played 38 first-class matches, 38 List A matches, and 20 Domestic T20 games. He got a huge success in his career in which he collect lots of love from the audience as well. His popularity already touching its peak and millions of people all over the country mourning his death. He was a part of the Saurashtra cricket team which defeated the Bengal cricket team in the Ranji Trophy and won the trophy.

At present, it is quite difficult for every fan of the cricketer to hear about this tragic death. We are already devastated to share this Obituary with all of our users. If we talk about the main cause of his death then he died because of a severe cardiac arrest. He was just 29 years old at the time of his death.

Avi Barot Passed Away at 29

He left everyone in this world on 15th October 2021 and everyone was devastated after hearing this heart-wrenching death of the famous cricketer. In his career, he scored a total of 1,547 runs in first-class matches, 1030 runs in list-A games, and scored a total of 717 runs in T20s.

His career was truly going on very well but he lost everyone because of this heart-breaking incident that happened to him. Jaydev Shah, President of Saurashtra Cricket Association (SCA) has expressed his feelings after hearing about his sudden death and he said: “This is absolutely shocking and painful to learn about Avi’s sad demise.

He was a great teammate and had great Cricketing skills”. He was not able to reach the top of his success but had Avi Barot has been alive among us today, we are sure that he would have earned a huge name in the cricket industry.


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